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Video Game Marketing & Communication Specialist

Mylène Lourdel

Who am I?

For almost nine years I have been evolving professionally in the game industry, specializing in online and independent titles. My career began at ANKAMA, where I worked as the Product Manager for the game DOFUS. My next step took me to CD PROJEKT, where I worked for the digital distribution platform – again as product manager – for the French and Belgian markets.

Professionally, I like to take on a multi-disciplinary role, and I am “a jack of all trades“. I’m interested in many topics, love new challenges, and avoid restricting myself to one specific role or task. Throughout my past experiences, I’ve deployed a wide range of skills that now give me adaptability to each and every situation. If your company needs support in communication, marketing or help to target the french market, I’m here for you! Check my LinkedIn Profile.


Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication specialist for indie studios, working with them side by side to promote their games.

Product Manager – France
2016 – 2017

In charge of French and Belgian markets for (PR, Partnerships, Influencers, CM…). Based in Warsaw.

Brand manager – DOFUS
2013 – 2016

In charge of sales management, CRM, the loyalty program, and promotion of all game updates

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Management of a preview campaign in Paris, following of Kickstarter campaign & launch of the game for press & influencers in France


Providing help to handle all marketing and communication aspects of the game (writing and sending of press releases, picking up of influencers and communities, Steam page improvements and following of all metrics)

Lakeburg Legacies

Consulting on press strategy and management of the french PR campaign

Call of the Sea

Translation and sending of the French press release. Sending and follow-up of review codes (PC & consoles) to French journalists. Choice & contact of French content creators.

Dicey Dungeons

Translation and sending of the French press release. Sending and follow-up of review codes (PC) to French journalists. Choice & contact of French content creators.


Public Relations – France

One of the most important steps in launching a game is introducing it to the public- and I’ll be there to help you on each step of the way! From defining a PR strategy to writing up press releases, to the selection of assets, and sending the final press packet to journalists, I’ve got you covered.

Influencers - France

The launch of your game is approaching and you need a bit of buzz so that it doesn’t go by unnoticed? Influencers can help make sure your game gets the attention it deserves. I’ll curate a list of influencers that are right for you, and do all the networking.

CM - France

Need help developing or managing your community? I’ll manage your social media accounts as well as your website forums. I’ll help you come up with a communication strategy that develops over time based on the reactions and comments from your players!


Want to have a launch party for your game or go to an event to promote your game? I’ll work with you to make sure it’s an event that makes its mark. And if you need on-site support, I’ll be there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

As you can see, thanks to my previous experiences, I am skilled in a wide range of services! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more marketing and communication needs that aren’t included here, I’ll be happy to help (defining marketing plans, setting up CRM strategies, KPI analysis, etc.)

Latest Clients

What they say about me

Terry Cavanagh (Dicey Dungeons)

“Mylène was great to work with! She handled French press outreach for Dicey Dungeons for our launch and did a fantastic job! Would very happily work with her again and would recommend her to anybody looking for somebody with knowledge and experience of the French games scene.”

Simon - The Voxel Agents Co founder (The Gardens Between)

“We made the right choice to work with Mylene after meeting her at Gamescom. Mylene is very easy to work with and she helped us get some great coverage in France. We would happily work with her again next time.”

Tim - Team Reptile Managing Director (Lethal League Blaze)

“Working with Mylene was a great experience. We have worked with her on the promotion of Lethal League Blaze in France. Smooth and clear communication, also provided detailed reports during the campaign. 10/10.”


To contact me for any project request don’t hesitate to use the form below or write me directly at lourdel.mylene[at]

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